November 2022 PC Minutes

November 14, 2022 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bob Wetherbee, Matt Flegel, Michelle Quakenbush, Susan Gates (Chair), Monica Richer, Rod Reid, Brian Schantz, ZA Bebee.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

MINUTES APPROVAL of October 10, 2022: motion by Flegel, second by Schantz. All in favor; motion carried.


General questions from the appaiser.

Audience Participation:


Old Business

The township board has announced the hiring of a new attorney group, Foster Swift, out of Grand Rapids. Mike Homier is contact person for the ZA.

Michelle Quakenbush is leaving [resigning] after the December 12, 2022 meeting.

For the January meeting, Dave Clark will be the new planning commission member. Bob Wetherbee will also be on the township board beginning in January. Gail Huber will be on the fire board starting in January.

Campground ordinance tabled.

New Business: 

Kathy VanderKolk gave a presentation on spot zoning, reviewing slides of various examples of cases in Michigan. Discussion followed..

Board had a discussion on ZA's handout of non-conforming uses of land.


8:25 pm. Motion made by Quakenbush, second by Reid. All in favor; motion carried.

Next regularly scheduled meeting: December 12, 2022, 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Electronically Submitted,
Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary