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June 2017 P. C. Minutes

June 05, 2017 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bill Miller, Rod Reid, Monica Richer, Susan Gates (Chair), Michelle Quakenbush, Pat Doyle, Bob Wetherbee, ZA Bebee.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Unanimous approval of the minutes from May 08, 2017.

Correspondence: None. 

Old Business:

Paperwork has been returned from Cindy. ZA is waiting for a reply from Larry Beltnick for someone to draw up the maps.
No response from Attorney Bloem regarding the Black Creek letter..

Open Public Hearing

Special Use Permit: For a gas station in a commercial zone. Located at 10010 E Pickard Rd, southeast corner of Wise Rd and E Pickard (FKA Blue Willow).

Sherry Pomarankey, 9809 E Broomfield, inquired if it was going to be 24 hour service. ZA answered "yes."

No other questions or remarks. 

Closed public hearing.

All requirements for the site plan review have been met.
Motion by Quakenbush, second by Wetherbee, to recomend to the Township Board to approve the special use for the installation of a gas station at the 10010 E Pickard Rd.
Roll call vote: Wetherbee yes, Doyle yes, Quakenbush yes, Gate yes, Richer yes, Reid yes, Miller yes.
Motion carried.

Site Plan Review for 10010 E Pickard Rd:

Plans presented to board for a proposed convenience store and gas station (permitted use).
Open Public Hearing:

Richard Smiley, 254 S Leaton Rd, inquired about the water retained. ZA responded to the ditch, then the storm sewer in the front and to the south, the wooded area.
No other questions or remarks.
Public hearing discussion closed.

Board discussed and reviewed plans and requirements.

Motion to approve site plan pending the following requirements made by Richer, second by Quakenbush:

  1. Hours of operation
  2. Final lighting plan showing that the lighting will not cast off property
  3. Public Health Department approvals/verifications on well and septic
  4. Isabella Road Commission approval
  5. MDOT approval (if needed)
  6. Tri-Township Fire Department approval

Roll call vote: Wetherbee yes, Doyle yes, Quakenbush yes, Gate yes, Richer yes, Reid yes, Miller yes.
Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn 6:50 pm.

Next meeting July 10, 2017.


Respectfully Submitted,
Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary


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