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Tuesday, 10 April 2018 08:06

March 2018 P. C. Minutes

March 12, 2018 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bob Wetherbee, Pat Doyle, Michelle Quakenbush, Susan Gates (Chair), Monica Richer, Rod Reid, Bill Miller, ZA Bebee.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Unanimous approval of minutes of the February 12, 2018 meeting. Quakenbush motioned, Reid second.



Audience Participation:

Renee Neizgoda updated the board on the status of  Black Creek. There is a trial planned for April 23. It may last as long as three to five (3-5) days. Anyone from the board is welcome. Lawyer for the plaintiff is John Divine 989-773-3333. Ms Neizgoda also questioned if there is any update on the Noise Ordinance.

Old Business:

ZA brought maps for the board to review.

Discussion on wind turbines. ZA will research from counties that have wind turbines and will distribute his findings to the board for review.

New Business:

Agriculture and campgrounds will be discussed at next meeting.


Motion to adjourn (Quakenbush, Richer second) 8:00 pm. All in favor; motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,
Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary