Monday, 23 July 2018 20:45

July 2018 P. C. Minutes

July 09, 2018 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bob Wetherbee, Pat Doyle, Michelle Quakenbush, Susan Gates (Chair), Monica Richer, Rod Reid, Bill Miller.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes: Reid motioned to approve the minutes from the June meeting. Doyle second; all in favor.

Audience Participation: 

Aimee Abbott, 520 S Genuine, Mt. Pleasant, inquired of the board to increase her daycare business from 1-6 to 7-12. Brief discussion on what is required for her to be able to do this. She will meet with ZA and formulate drawings, etc. for the next board meeting. 


ZA received a letter from FEMA eliminating more parcels from the flood plain.

ZA received correspondence from a Solar Panel company inquiring about putting solar panels on a parcel of land located at 7572 E. Remus, Mt. Pleasant. Board will be holding a special work session on solar panels July 19, 6:00 pm

Old Business:

Valley Road--up for public hearing at the August 06 township board meeting.

Modification requested by the Planning Commission on Shooting Range were forwarded to the Township Board for the August 06 meeting.

New Business:

ZA issued handouts on solar panels from various ordinances for the board to review.


Motion to adjourn 8:02 pm made by Quakenbush, second by Richer. All in favor; motion carried.


Next regularly scheduled meeting: August 13, 2018.


Respectfully Submitted,
Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary