Monday, 11 March 2019 19:04

February 2019 P. C. Minutes

February 11, 2019 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bill Miller, Rod Reid, Monica Richer, Susan Gates (Chair), Michelle Quakenbush, Pat Doyle, Bob Wetherbee.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes: Unanimous approval of minutes of 1/14/2019. Doyle motioned; Wetherbee second.

Audience Participation: 



Handout from ZA in regard to request for increase of dycare children from six (6) to twelve (12). On agenda for March 11, 2019 PC meeting.

Old Business:

Master Plan: letters were sent out on 01/31/2019 informing adjoining entities of the updated master plan on the website.

Gun shop/Storage units: meeting with ZA, Attorney Bloem and Mr. Johnson pending.

New Business:

March 11, 2019 meeting: there will be request for increase of daycare children.


Motion to adjourn: 7:45 pm. Quakenbush motioned to adjourn, with Reid second; all in favor. 



Respectfully Submitted,
Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary