Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


for the



  1. No lot or part of a lot shall be enclosed by a fence railing, coping, hedge, embankment, ditch, post or chains, except that a coping or corner-post may be put in, marking the lot, provided the same be put down on the grade so as not to interfere with the mowing of said lot and adjoining streets or alleys.

  2. If any enclosure heretofore made shall become dilapidated, the sexton in charge is authorized to remove the same.

  3. No marble or stone enclosure, coping or box shall be erected or built over any grave on any lot on which there is now a structure.

  4. No person or persons not employed by the cemetery authorities shall excavate any earth, lay or remove any sod or alter the grade of any lot or walk within the cemetery, either on his own or other lot, nor plant, remove or trim any trees or shrubs, excepting under the individual supervision of the sexton.

  5. Trees or shrubs shall only be planted by special permission of the trustees, where the location seems to admit of it, and the selection of such trees or shrubs as are appropriate shall be subject to the approval by the trustees.

  6. No spading up of the surface of any lot for the purpose of making a flower bed will be permitted.

  7. Unfilled vases will not be allowed to remain on any lots after October 1st unless inverted.

  8. In no event will the cemetery authorities be responsible for articles placed on lots.

  9. No elevated mounds over graves will be permitted. No lot shall be filled above the established grade.

  10. No interment of any body other than that of an immediate relative or heir, shall be made on any lot without the written permission of the lot owner and filed with the township clerk. Permission for such burial right must not be for a re-numeration. For the protection of the township and the lot owner, the trustees reserve the right to restrict all interments to his or her immediate family if they deem it wise and expedient.

  11. All monuments or markers must be placed at head of graves.