May 2023 PC Minutes

May 08, 2023 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bob Wetherbee, Matt Flegel, Dave Clark, Susan Gates (Chair), Monica Richer, Rod Reid, Brian Schantz and ZA Bebee.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Minutes Approval of April 10, 2023; motion by Flegel, second by Clark. All in favor. Motion carried.


Three blight complaints.

Old Business

Public Hearing.
Open Public Comment 7:08pm. Steven Bates,1905 Vroman, Mt. Pleasant, MI, inquired about any updates on Vroman Road with the County or Drain Commissioner. ZA: no updates yet.
Close audience participation.

ZA sent a letter of NOTICE to 9279 E Pickard, which was returned. This was the parcel that was inadvertently left out of the rezoning description. Matt Polizzi, 1855 S Vroman, questioned how many feet were to be rezoned? Mr. Bates questioned the access entrance. ZA replied 660 feet along M-20, with the entrance being on M-20. Discussion on drainage  and flooding of that area.
Motion by Schantz, second by Clark, to recommend to the township board to rezone the property to commercial.
Roll call vote: Schantz yes, Reid no, Richer yes, Gates yes, Clark yes, Flegel yes, Wetherbee no.
Motion carried.

Bucks Run is requesting lots 19-27 of the 65 acre parcel # 02-012-10-003-01 be taken out of the condominium agreement. Two four-bedroom homes on 2.5 acres for rental usage by golfers will be built. All requirements have been met and checked for Special Use.
Motion made by Richer, second by Clark, to recommend to the Township Board to accept the Special Use of Residential Component 02-012-10-003-01, in compliance with Section 10.03 of the Chippewa Township Zoning Ordinance, subject to the lots taken out of the condo agreement.
Roll call vote: Wetherbee yes, Flegel yes, Clark yes, Chair Gates yes, Richer yes, Reid yes, Schantz yes.
Motion carried.

Motion by Flegel, second by Reid, to approve Special Use Plan from Bucks Run Golf Course, (the developers Rowe Professionals Services 4/23), subject to Township approval of Special Use. All in favor.
Motion carried.

Chair Gates and ZA Bebee will meet this week to review Solar and wind energy for our next meeting.


Motion by Richer, second by Schantz, to adjourn all in favor. Motion carried. Meeting Adjourned 8:35pm.

Next regularly scheduled meeting: June 12, 2023, 7:00 pm.

Respectfully Electronically Submitted,

Monica Richer,
Recording Secretary