Mosquito Management Community Outreach Plan 2023

Chippewa   Township
 Mosquito Management
Community Outreach Plan 2023

APM Mosquito Control (APM) has been contracted to continue the integrated mosquito control program implemented in 2012 for Chippewa Township.  The program consists of all phases of an Integrated Pest Management strategy against mosquitoes in the township.

  1. Breeding site inspections and larviciding.
  2. ULV Adulticide applications.
  3. Perimeter Barrier Adulticide applications
  4. Adult mosquito monitoring/Disease Testing

Detailed information about the program is available at the township offices.

In an effort to notify residents within the township for community wide Larviciding and ULV adulticide applications, APM and Chippewa   Township utilize the following methods:

  1. Initially, the township mailed a brochure about the mosquito control program to every resident. The Brochure explains how the whole program works and gives any resident the opportunity to not participate. Copies of brochure are available at the township office. See Brochure included with this correspondence.
  1. The township posts information about the mosquito program at the Chippewa Township hall and municipal website.
  1. Public notice in newspaper. APM will publish a public notice in the local paper announcing the onset of ground larviciding and seasonal adulticiding. The notice is published prior to the start of control operations. Advises anyone interested in further information to contact APM toll free number (877) 276-4714.
  1. A Call/Shut-off notification list is maintained as part of the township program. Before ULV adulticide applications take place APM will call any residents that request to remind them and inform them that a community mosquito control application will be happening that evening, weather permitting. Residents may also request that the ULV adulticide be shut off in front of and or upwind of their area.  These areas are staked and noted on ULV adulticide operational maps.
  1. Mosquito control is often a topic of discussion at township meetings and residents are always encouraged at meetings to find out more about their local mosquito control program. APM holds open house events for residents at the request of the township. These events introduce the personnel assigned to service the area; an overview and demonstration of equipment used and information on materials used to provide mosquito control
  1. Information (sample labels & SDS) on insecticides used in program are available upon request by calling APM at (989) 426-2420 and are available at the Chippewa Township Hall as well as the APM website at

The contact person that can respond to public questions is Ben Seago at APM Mosquito Control.

Chippewa Township
11084 E Pickard Rd
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858

21240 34 Mile Rd
Armada, MI 48005
Local (989) 426-2420
Toll Free (877) 276-4714