Friday, 03 December 2021 12:01

April 2021 P. C. Minutes

April 12, 2021 Minutes

Call to Order 7:00 pm

Present: Bob Wetherbee, Matt Flegel, Michelle Quakenbush, Susan Gates (Chair), Rod Reid (Acting Secretary), ZA Tim Bebee (Zoing Administrator), Gordon Bloem (Twp Attorney).

Absent: Monica Richer, Bill Miller.

Pledge of Allegiance. 

Audience Participation

No audience participation outside of the private road review for the Clarks (Dave and Lucinda), who were present. The property is located on Wing Rd, Section 35.

Old Business

Tim B. introduced the lengthy proposed private road review packet of maps, drains, roads, description of what was proposed, what had already been planned by the engineers, how it would conform to the Land Division Ordinance and what would need to be done to fit into our Chippewa Township Ordinances. The road is provided for access to parcels to make them into legal parcels.

There were no audience comments, but the Clarks (who reside at 6870 E. Airport Rd, Mt. Pleasant) explained that they wanted to improve on the land her mother had owned and provide for some retirement income. They plan on some double wide trailers and a single wide on the six parcels of land.

After a short clarification of the private road packet review, the board had no more questions or comments. Michelle made a motion to approve the private road proposal with the stipulations below:

  1. The structure, on parcel #2 (02-035-40-002-00), must be moved to no closer than 10 feet from the rear (southern) lot line to comply with rear yard set-back.
  2. The approval of the private roadway by the Township does not guarantee approval from other agencies.
  3. Prior to installation of any residential structure and before zoning permits for the new building lots will be issued, the following will need to be completed:
  1. Execute the Road Maintenance Agreement prepared by the township attorney.
  2. Execute the County Drain Relocation agreement with the Isabella County Drain Commissioner and provide any bonding required by the same.
  3. As part of the private road construction, the new county drain tile must be installed and accepted by the Drain Commissioner.
  4. Must obtain final approval from the Isabella County Road Commission and provide any bonding required by the same.
  5. Complete parcel divisions with the Chippewa Township Assessor.
  6. The engineering firm (Lapham Associates) must sign-off that all road and drainage is installed as approved plans dictate.

No Further discussion.

Matt offered support of the motion to approve. With a roll call vote, all were in favor of the motion.


The Township Board has asked the Planning Commission (P.C.) to review the many ordinance issues and changes that have been discussed over the last many months, but not been brought to the twp. board or put before a public hearing. Packets were handed out for the board to look at, one last time, before they are proposed as changes to ordinances. Packets covered issues such as campgrounds, adult foster care homes, the blight ordinance and ponds, mining and soil removal. The members of the P.C. are to read through these and call Tim with questions and comments.

It was decided to read out loud through the campground packet, from agricultural zones, together as a group. As things were edited by the group, Tim took notes and will send changes to the members of the P.C. for final review and accuracy. Once this is done, the final draft will be sent to the township lawyer for correct wording.

After completing these issues, we will review wind and solar ordinances at future meetings.

Motion to adjourn 9:05 pm made by Bob (Wetherbee) and support from Matt (Flegel).
All in favor.
Motion carried. 

Next regularly scheduled meeting May 10, 2021, at 7:00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted Electronically,
Rod Reid